Seamless style

The Veka Group has introduced the latest evolution of its FlushSash. Said to be compatible with System 10, Rustique and Matrix fully sculptured systems, the latest FlushSash has a patent-pending concealed mullion, which according to Veka, results in ‘virtually no’ sightlines.

Sales director, Neil Evans, said: “Since sales of flush casement windows have been identified in their own right, the volume increase of their share of the market has been dramatic. The 2017 Palmer Market Research report recorded an 88% increase in installations to a total of 335,000 frames annually, at the same time doubling the market share of flush casements to 5%.

“Our FlushSash has been a popular choice with fabricators for a number of years, and as the market increase shows, it is obviously becoming ever more popular with homeowners.

“To ensure the FlushSash remains at the forefront of the market for our customers, we have made it even more sleek, stylish and versatile. The slim sightline FlushSash offers homeowners a ‘next level’ product.

“Our patent-pending concealed mullion means that this ‘French window’ can open completely, for an uninterrupted view of the outdoors. Slim sightlines like this are more commonly found on wooden windows, so this system is a great alternative to timber, with all the benefits of PVC-U. Customers can choose traditional aesthetics – with our realistic woodgrains and mechanically jointed options – with the added advantages of low maintenance, increased energy efficiency and enviable security performance.

“With a ‘U’ value of 1.0, the slimline FlushSash is available in 14 colours ex-stock and a total of 29 colours from our Variations collection. An incredible 90% of our FlushSash sales are foiled, often in grey for a great alternative to a contemporary aluminium aesthetic.

“All indications suggest that the rapid rate of growth in flush systems will continue, and so – with a market that looks flat overall – flush casements stand out as a potentially lucrative segment for our customers to take advantage of.”