‘Unusual’ composites

Force 8’s new unusual composite door designs

Force 8’s new unusual composite door designs

Force 8 has announced a new and ‘unusual’ range of composite doors and frames.

Dennis Sumner, managing director of Force 8, commented: “Over our 30 years of business, we’ve created door designs that have never been seen on the market before, allowing us to expand on our creative technique and developing our high levels of expertise even further. An example of this would be our recent toadstool design. Three other companies attempted this design, two said it couldn’t be done and one gave up on the template.

“We have also recently developed the ‘off centre’ Versace door which is available in our unique arched frames. The top corner of the door can also be shaped to match the arch and there is no other company in the UK that can provide a service, frame or this type of door. Depending on the style of the arch, this allows for welds and steel reinforcements to be used where possible, creating the true radius of the arch,” continued Dennis.