£1 million recycling investment

vekaVEKA Recycling has invested almost £1 million in its UK facility to produce high quality recyclate, suitable for a range of new PVC-U extruded products.

A new compounding line installed at its Kent site enables VEKA Recycling, an accredited Recovinyl recycler, to supply UK and European markets with PVC-U pellet derived from post-industrial or post-consumer window frame material. This is in addition to the existing supplies of both pellet and micronised PVC-U (pulver) from its German and French factories.

Tony Cattini, managing director of VEKA Recycling, claims this investment in UK capacity will help to meet continuing demand for recycled content in new products, with all the associated economic and environmental benefits for manufacturers and consumers.

Observing ‘encouraging trends’ going into 2014, Tony said: “We have a new string to our bow now we can supply directly from our UK factory, offering a quality and consistent supply to manufacturers.

,“More businesses are recognising the tangible economic and environmental benefits of recycling PVC and we have already had interest from a number of major players in the UK. With our new push into the extrusion market, we can now offer a closed loop solution in our home market.”

Simon Scholes, VEKA Recycling’s business administration manager, explained how the organisation’s approach fits in with Recovinyl’s ‘Pull Market Concept’ which supports the re-use of as much post-consumer and post-industrial PVC as possible by stimulating the regular use of recycled material in production processes.

“This is becoming more widespread with recycled PVC being used in new window profiles such as VEKA’s Infiniti, as well as other plastic building products,” he said. “We will also continue to focus on maintaining high quality standards of waste PVC frames.

,“Quality counts when it comes to recycling waste PVC and feedstock contamination levels impact on the value of goods that can subsequently be made from the recycled material. We want to see old frames going back into new windows and this is achievable provided the quality is right.”

Simon also added that enquiry levels from building companies are rising as the economic recovery in the construction sector gathers pace.

For more details, contact the sales department at VEKA Recycling on 01322 387 219 or email info@veka-recycling.com


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