Consistent high quality from a reliable source’

Veka Recycling says its goal for exhibiting at this year’s Plastics Recycling Expo (PRE) [ Stand E009, 16-17 June, Telford] is to communicate to plastics professionals that include recyclate in their process that it is possible to buy consistently high quality product, from a reliable source.

The Kent based firm is a subsidiary of Veka Umwelttechnik, itself part of Veka AG and is supported by locations in Germany and France.

Veka built Germany’s first dedicated PVC-U closed-loop recycling facility more than 20 years ago, with the goal of producing recycled pellet that can be used in the production of new extrusions with no loss of quality.
“We have evolved processes that ensure the highest quality PVC-U pellet is available for re-manufacture with volumes that are guaranteed and processes that fully comply with all international requirements,” explained Veka Recycling’s Simon Scholes. “It is the result of a considerable investment in finance and resources, which is what we want to communicate to visitors to PRE,” he explained.
“We currently work with an increasing number of manufacturers that include recycled pellet in their processes and which demand only the very best in product and support quality. These we are able to ensure with the backing of the worldwide resources and commitment of the Veka Group.”

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