Recovinyl: Save money and send us your waste PVC windows

DCF 1.0‘Save money and send us your waste windows for recycling’ is Recovinyl’s message to PVC window companies, construction and waste management firms.

Waste window frames can be readily recycled through the PVC industry’s recycling scheme, enabling firms to save on landfill disposal costs. According to Recovinyl, it’s also the environmentally-friendly option as the material can be recycled into new products, including windows.

Recycling capacity has increased throughout the UK network of 16 Recovinyl certified window recyclers and they are seeking more frames. Most offer a nationwide collection service.

“We are doing well, but we can handle even more windows,” said Jane Gardner of Axion Consulting, Recovinyl’s UK agents. “So whether you’re an installer, waste transfer station or building company, send your waste PVC windows to one of our registered Recovinyl recyclers and it will save you money on landfill costs.”

Recovinyl is an operational arm of VinylPlus, the European PVC industry sustainable development programme, which is tackling the sustainability challenges for PVC and delivery of current recycling targets to 2020. The Recovinyl network currently comprises 163 companies.

In 2015, 107,593 tonnes of waste PVC was collected and recycled in the UK through Recovinyl – the highest figure recorded to date, with PVC-U frames (61,866 tonnes) making up more than half this total.

Jane continued: “More than 600,000 tonnes of PVC has been recycled in the UK via Recovinyl since its launch in the UK 11 years ago thanks to the commitment of the glazing, construction and waste management sectors to greater environmental practices and their recognition of the need to reduce the carbon impact of their operations.

She added: “PVC can be recycled up to seven times without any loss of performance and can be reused in a variety of different products, including new window frames thereby ‘closing the loop’. As a nation, we’re doing brilliantly on recycling our waste PVC, yet we can still do much more and we need your support.”

Window installers and waste transfer stations who are looking for outlets for post-use PVC frames can contact Axion Consulting on 0161 426 7731 for a list of recyclers or for more information visit