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The lives of two Brians at the GGF

Brian Baker (left) and Brian Waldron receive their awards

Brian Baker (left) and Brian Waldron receive their awards

Brian Baker, former Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) president and interim chief executive, and Brian Waldron, chairman of the GGF standards committee, have been recognised for outstanding service to the federation.

Brian Baker started in the industry in 1979 with Solaglas and first engaged with the GGF in 1981. He has been at the forefront of the GGF for the last seven years and was chairman on many specialist groups and committees.

Brian Waldron’s service to the industry goes back almost 50 years to 1969, when he started with Pilkington Brothers in the technical sales laboratory, mainly on ‘glass strength’ testing and development of impact test methods.

He was also involved in the ‘Mathews v Kember’ case, which started with testing safety products from all areas of the UK market. The objective being to ensure that the ANZI Z79.1 test methodology could be taken on for the classification of ‘flat safety glass and safety plastics’ in the UK market, which became a British Standard in 1981.

Both Brians were presented with an award at the recent GGF members’ day.