Noise: All you need to know

ggf noiseThe Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) has released a new publication entitled ‘Acoustics – How glazing can help reduce noise’. The new document offers excellent guidance to homeowners and the industry on the complex subject, of how the installation of suitable glazing can help reduce noise entering the home.

It may seem obvious, but the new publication defines exactly what noise is and how it materialises in its many forms. The new leaflet, explains, for example, how having replacement or secondary glazing windows installed can potentially reduce airborne noise.

The booklet also emphasises that simply replacing or upgrading the glazed elements of a property may not provide a single solution to noise. The leaflet explains that reducing noise levels is often dependent on how noise is entering the home, the source of the noise and the type of property it is affecting.

The publication also outlines key factors to be considered when installing glazing to reduce noise such as; the types and thicknesses of glass, the size of air gaps between the panes of either a double or triple glazed window or secondary glazing system as well as covering the importance of good installation. 

Giles Willson, GGF deputy chief executive and director of technical affairs, commented: “It is pleasing to see this publication released after all the hard work and expertise the GGF technical team and our members have contributed to its production. This new information booklet is designed not just to educate homeowners but also to help our members handle homeowners’ perceptions and expectations on glazing and how it can help noise reduction. It is a worthy addition to the GGF technical library.”

A printed copy of this publication has been sent to all GGF members and an electronic PDF version is now available for download from the GGF website publications section. To download please click link below:

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