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Morley trusts Renault to help drive deliveries

Part of Morley’s growing fleet of Renault vehicles

Part of Morley’s growing fleet of Renault vehicles

Already benefiting from a 17-strong Renault Trucks exclusive fleet providing free delivery of its integral blinds to customers across mainland Britain, the business will now also enjoy the support of four additional vehicles. These include a 3.5 tonne Masters panel van, equipped with specialist glass transport systems that include exterior roof racks and side racks, and internal glass frame racking, two 135.35 panel vans and the company’s first 130.35 drop-side with tilt-frame body.

The vehicles have been supplied by JDS Trucks of Leeds, who will also be providing expert support to ensure they can be on the road as much as possible. No small feat, given that delivery vehicles can clock up as many as 100,000 miles every year.

Morley is rightfully proud of its guarantee that customers who order by 11am on Friday can enjoy 10-day delivery, but to do this the business requires a dependable and resourceful delivery fleet.

Ian Short, Morley’s managing director, said: “We’ve worked extremely hard to build our reputation in the market for offering the highest quality by ensuring we source the best suppliers and manufacturers and deliver products that exceed customer expectations.

“Our reputation is so important that we simply cannot afford for inferior quality vans to let us or our customers down. That’s why we’ve always chosen Renault Trucks’
vans through JDS Trucks as we are guaranteed superb vehicles, backed up by Peter Glover and his team giving the best quality service and maintenance support.”