GGF launches new conservatory guide

GGF Conservatory GuideThe Glass and Glazing Federation (GGF) has launched a brand new guide to good practice for conservatory specifiers and installers at the FIT Show.

The revised and updated ‘Guide to Good Practice in the Specification and Installation of Conservatories within the UK’ was unveiled at a seminar hosted by GGF technical officer, Russell Day and GGF Conservatory Association chairman, Mark Hanson and is said to includes the latest up to date information reflecting ‘the changes in the legislative and regulatory landscape’.

The guide dates back to February 2007 when the Conservatory Association, through its technical working party, originally produced the publication to provide a good practice guide for companies selling, designing, specifying and installing conservatories. This ‘invaluable industry resource’ was revised in January 2012 as regulations and legal requirements changed and throughout 2015, the Conservatory Association technical working party is said to have ‘worked consistently and meticulously’ to ensure the latest revisions to the guide were made in order for it to be launched in the first quarter of 2016.

Russell Day commented: “Since 2012, there has been a modest increase in the number of glazed extensions being built, the proportion of standard, Building Regulation exempt conservatories now represents a significantly lower proportion of these structures. The new guide addresses the many issues and demands the industry is now experiencing such as the increase in non-exempt conservatories, conservatories with enhanced features to meet the aesthetic aspirations of homeowners and an increase in the number and complexity of structural orangery type glazed structures.

Mark Hanson added: “Consumers installing modern conservatories in their home now expect them to be everyday living spaces for throughout the year. I am pleased the GGF has revised the guide to reflect the homeowners’ expectations and the legislative changes to incorporate a wider range of glazed structure requirements within the Guide.”

The guide now covers areas such as: extending the permitted development rights in England and Wales; Building near to sewers and lateral drains owned by local water companies (found in annex B of the new guide); guidance for renovating an existing conservatory when replacing a glazed conservatory roof with a solid roof and the possible effects on the existing exempt nature of the conservatory (found in annex C of the new guide).

The new guide will be sent in printed format to all GGF members. In addition, the guide will be available for free download from the Members Area of the GGF website and if extra printed copies are required, members will be able to order them at a discounted price from the GGF shop

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