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UltraRoof380 inspires at NSBRC

UltraRoof380 ‘ticks all the boxes’ for self-builders at NSBRC

Solid polycarbonate that looks just like Georgian wired glass

Twinfix GW Polycarbonate from Birchwood Trading strikes ‘perfect balance between old and new’

Atlas Installation of the Year awards bring ‘red carpet glamour’

180 people gather to honour the top Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions installers of 2015

‘Equipped to meet the needs of almost every homeowner’

Tradelink adds Ultraframe roof to its conservatory offering

Liniar roof continues to evolve

Liniar says it is constantly designing new elements to improve its roof kit

Conservatory Outlet expands Extreme product range

Conservatory Outlet has added fully reversible windows to its ‘Extreme’ collection.

Free install supports struggling customer

The Wolverhampton Glass team fitted a conservatory roof for free, to help a struggling customer

‘Effortless to install’

Prefix Warmroof impresses the neighbours

A solid appointment

Paul Saltis joins Ultraframe to develop its solid roof offering