DoorCo renews support of the ACDM


Leaders of DoorCo have given renewed support to the Association of Composite Door Manufacturers (ACDM).

“ACDM was originally set up in 2002 and DoorCo was previously associated with the organisation,” explained Ian Glenister, DoorCo’s technical and sales manager. “As the name suggests, the ACDM is our trade body that represents the composite door market to both consumers and government.

“Under the new leadership of Gareth Jones from Solar Fabrications, along with the growth of the market, the ACDM is undergoing a revival with a new identity and renewed focus on their mission. DoorCo is delighted to be supporting this revitalisation as a renewed member, supporting from a technical and marketing perspective.

“The ACDM rebrand comes with a new a new strapline: ‘Setting the Standard for Composite Doors’.  As the industry’s leading manufacturer of composite doors, DoorCo strongly supports this, along with the ACDM’s goals and objectives, which are strongly aligned with our own.

“DoorCo’s product development has always been focused on quality. We have led innovation in the market, right from the start.

“We always operate with integrity. Keeping up with current legislation is a given. For example, we were among the first to not only ensure our products comply with the updated PAS 24: 2022 standards earlier this year but we made sure they futureproofed too.

“This sort of behaviour is vital to the reputation of our product, and we’re determined to support the ACDM to ensure that best practice is standard across our market. They are our champions, driving quality, innovation and opportunity for our products is key to all our successes.”

Gareth Jones, ACDM’s chair, added: “The ACDM was originally set up to develop a British Standard for composite doors across the industry. Today, the market is almost unrecognisable from those early days but the ACDM has maintained its presence and continued working to keep it in the best state possible.

“Our membership has also evolved to include system suppliers, component suppliers, installation and maintenance companies.

“Recognising the breadth of the sector today has led to a renewed focus on ensuring the composite door continues to lead the entrance door market. Having brands like DoorCo on board, inputting into our development, is vital to us delivering our mission to be a reference point for both members and the customers they deliver to.”

Read more about the ACDM in this article from the association’s chair, published earlier this year.

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