Hurst launches AR door sales tool

The Hurst Doors team has launched a new augmented reality (AR) sales tool, to allow homeowners to superimpose a selection of Hurst’s composite door styles against their property using a mobile phone or tablet.

The new Hurst AR composite sales tool builds on the suite of retail assets launched by the Hurst team at the start of autumn this year, including a 65-page lifestyle brochure about the composite door collection called ‘You’re Home With Hurst’. (Read more about ‘You’re Home With Hurst’ in our earlier report.)

Opened in a browser, homeowners can choose from 12 composite door styles featured in lifestyle images throughout the new brochure. These can be viewed a fully rotatable and zoomable 360 3D rendered images which can be superimposed against a property on the screen of a device.

“We want our customer to have all the tools they need to support them in providing their customers with the ultimate retail experience and guidance when choosing the perfect door for their property,” said Hayley Barker, Hurst Doors’ head of marketing. “This comprises of a suite of marketing tools which already includes a new composite door brochure, which fully integrates with professionally created sales videos, and now our new augmented reality sales tool.

“Homeowners can select one of 12 popular composite door styles. Once selected, they will see a three-dimensional and rotatable 3D door model which they then click on to view in their physical space, in real time.

“They can even scale the door and zoom in on the fine detail of hardware, glass and finish. They can then view their chosen door in location on their home and take a photograph.

“We’re trying to support retail sales teams, and owner installers who may not have sales teams or showrooms, by giving them access to tools that they can give the homeowner. It allows them to explore door options and performance in the comfort of their own home, in their own time.

“End users are moving towards a more experiential and immersive retail experience that helps them make informed choices,” added Hayley. “Our customer retail sales support package helps to give them that, regardless of how big or small your sales team is.”

For more information about Hurst Doors, visit the manufacturer’s website, email or call 01482 790 790.

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