British Glass welcomes energy relief scheme extension

(c) 2016 Anton Kurashenko/Shutterstock

British Glass has welcomed the announcement from government to extend the Energy Bill Relief Scheme for energy-intensive industries to March 2024. By allowing a higher discount on the current wholesale price of gas and electricity for energy intensive industries such as glass, the scheme will provide clarity and security to glass manufacturers who have been among the most exposed to spiralling costs during the current tough economic climate, according to the organisation’s representative.

Dave Dalton, CEO for British Glass, said: “While we appreciate that the changes to the Energy Bill Relief Scheme will impact many other sectors and businesses, the renewed support for the energy intensive businesses will allow glass manufacturers to navigate the current climate with some degree of certainty. For over a year now, glass manufacturers have been facing the brunt of increased gas and electricity costs. The continued support from government will be met with relief from our members.

“However, the package put together relies on stable energy markets for the foreseeable future and still leaves our manufacturers at a competitive disadvantage to our direct competitors due to the increased support they are receiving from their respective governments. This is something that should not be taken lightly during the coming months as the current economic crisis continues.”

The glass manufacturing sector remains vital to the UK economy, generating £1.6bn annually and directly employing around 20,000 people with an estimated 150,000 more jobs across the supply chain. It is vital that the government delivers on its Energy Security Strategy to allow the glass industry to remain internationally competitive, British Glass representatives added.

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