Nano 470 with added ‘sell-ability’

small49Nano 470 is brought to you by the inventor of the original non-UV bevel bonding adhesive, Safe2Bond, which is said to have ‘revolutionised’ bevel application in the decorative glass industry.

This new high strength construction adhesive is said to offer the same ‘predictability and safety in use’ as everyday decorative bevel bonding, but for much heavier duty applications, such as bonding glass shelving, logos and designs to glass screens, balustrades and facades, or assembling glass furniture.

According to the manufacturer, Nano 470 doesn’t just make a high strength bond on glass to glass – it also reliably makes a high strength bond with glass to metal as well.

The advantage in the factory is reportedly that fluorescent white light is safe for those working nearby; the advantage in the application is that the incredible strength of the Nano 470 bond itself is safe and permanent.

Nano 470 will bond all-glass shower cubicles and glass boxes, bond metal fittings to glass table-tops, help form a wall of glass shelves, and even repair a broken glass table. The range of applications for Nano 470 is as varied as the application of glass itself.

Nano 470 can even be used with existing UV systems, ensuring that established production routines may be maintained without disruption to work flow. The only difference is that the bond will be far stronger than either your glass-processing department or your customers are used to.

Distributorships for a number of UK and European markets and regions are currently available, and interested parties can now take advantage of a new customer discount. Ranging from 15-20% (dependent on size of order) the discount allows distributors to pass on a ‘try it and see’ discount of their own.