Time-lapse video shows Smartglass Dynamic in action

Clayton Glass has produced a time-lapse video to showcase the ‘revolutionary’ self-tinting Smartglass Dynamic in action on a conservatory roof on a hot summer’s day.

The new video, which can be viewed on the Smartglass website at www.smart-glass.co.uk/products/smartglass-dynamic is 2:39 minutes long and shows the change in the conservatory roof glass from clear at the beginning and end of the day to a darkened tint during the middle of the day, when outside temperatures touched 30º. It can also be seen on YouTube at here.

According to Clayton Glass, Smartglass Ultra 86 already provides the greatest performance of any conservatory roof glass with fixed performance levels, but it claims the new Dynamic glass offers a better G-value at 10% and tint of 6% when needed during the hottest days of this summer. Yet during the early and latter parts of the day this glass technology offers a 60% light transmission, approaching that of a standard IGU, along with an ‘impressive’ G-value of 34%.

There are also other videos on the website that showcase this glass technology for conservatory and lantern roofs, along with other residential and commercial glazing applications. This includes a production that shows how the new interactive Smartglass Dynamic sample kits work with just a cup of hot fluid.

Jason McCabe, commercial and site director Clayton Glass commented: “The feedback has been phenomenal from the homeowners of the first few installations and this new video really does help convey how this dynamic glass technology works. With a 10-14 day delivery UK wide, availability in any shape and no requirement for wires and controls, we believe this is certainly the future technology that the industry will adopt in the coming years.”