Avia Secure smart door lock achieves DHF TS621:2018


The Avia Secure smart door lock from Mighton Products has been awarded the Door and Hardware Federation (DHF)’s TS621:2018 accreditation. The certification further underlines the lock’s class-leading combination of electronic and mechanical security, according to Mighton Products’ representative.

The testing criteria for TS621:2018 was introduced by the DHF following growing demand for a trusted, third-party certification of residential smart and electronic door locks. To achieve DHF TS621:2018 accreditation, locks are subjected to a series of rigorous tests designed to accurately simulate a criminal attack.

The testing process includes an assessment for general vulnerability, including resistance to drilling as well to dust and moisture, plus the provision of an interior mechanical override due to function failure or power loss. The product’s capacity to withstand an electromechanical attack is also tested.

To achieve TS621:2018 there is also a test to demonstrate compliance to European Council Directives on PIN codes, access cards and biometrics as well as resistance to malicious remote or electronic manipulation from a third-party device.

The Avia Secure multi-point lock, which includes advanced smart features, is also PAS 24:2016 approved, Mighton’s representatives have said.

The lock is part of the Avia Secure family of smart security products, many of which have also achieved respected security accreditations. The Avia Secure smart casement handle for instance, which is available in a range of finishes, is Secured by Design-approved. The Avia Secure smart socket, which allows users to programme remote scheduling or monitor energy usage, comes with BSI approval.

All products in the Avia Secure family –which also includes options for a smart sash fastener and smart window and door sensors, plus a PIR motion sensor – are also fully compatible with Apple’s HomeKit and the Apple operating system. The system is widely regarded to be the most cyber secure ecosystem available, according to the Mighton team.

“From its inception, we recognised how important it would be for the Avia Secure multi-point smart lock to offer an unbeatable combination of electronic and traditional, mechanical security,” said Mike Derham, Mighton Products’ chair. “Smart-enabled devices have become increasingly popular with consumers in recent years, and are now integrated in one form or another into most people’s homes.

“These can range from smart speakers to smart TVs but smart locks are a slightly different proposition because they need to offer more than just added convenience. Homeowners need to be able to trust that they are robust enough to actually secure their property.

“With the latest DHF TS621:2018 accreditation, combined with existing PAS 24:2016 approval and compatibility with Apple HomeKit, our customers have a huge advantage with which to maximise sales opportunities to tech-hungry consumers.”

Read more about Avia’s secure smart door lock here. The business’ smart deadlock won  Smart Lock Product of the Year Award as part of the 2023 Internet of Things (IoT) Breakthrough Awards Program (our report).

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