Kubu secures coil sensing technology patent


Leaders of Kubu have announced another significant addition to their portfolio of intellectual property – they have been granted of a patent for the business’ wire coil sensing technology. The announcement comes hot on the heels of the business’ clip-in window sensor patent, a mechanism that allows sensors to be clipped on and off a mounting bracket affixed to a window frame’s interior.

This latest patent specifically covers the use of wire coils enclosed in a plastic housing, enabling a sensor to accurately report the opening, closing, locking and venting mode of a window or door.

“Each patent we secure is a reflection of our unwavering commitment to genuine innovation in the smart security space,” said Ryan Bromley, cofounder of Kubu. “Our wire coil technology is another feather in our cap, reinforcing Kubu’s leadership in the smart security industry.”

The fenestration industry is rapidly evolving, with fabricators and installers on the lookout for genuine, reliable smart solutions, Kubu’s representatives have said. Mark Bromley, Kubu’s CEO, added: “It’s imperative for fabricators and installers to choose tech from a manufacturer rather than a distributor. The manufacturer can evidence that they own the intellectual property for the products they are selling.”

Ryan continued: “Our position in the market has been further reinforced, as we now have two very distinct patents relating to window sensors – one that covers a sensor being clipped to a bracket and now this one that covers metal detection on a window. Both are very unique and narrow in their scope, giving us very strong protection on this type of smart sensing product.”

For more details about Kubu’s patented technologies, visit the company’s website, email trade@getkubu.com or call 0330 555 9545.

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