New hardware to help schools comply


The AR961 non-coin release bathroom turn range has been developed by Arrone, a Hoppe brand, to provide a bathroom turn set that is in line with the latest generic design brief output specification. The Department for Education (DfE)’s guidance covers the design and construction of schools, and outlines safety and security, operability and maintenance requirements.

As part of its most recent updates, the DfE added in the requirement for schools to use a bathroom lock “that can be locked from the inside by turn or lever and can be released from outside by a non-coin slot key”, to improve safety and give increased privacy. Jonathan Walker, product manager for Hoppe UK, said: “The AR961 indicator and turn set can only be opened from the outside using a dedicated key, so meets the guidelines set out by the Department of Education for schools and colleges.

“This latest addition to the Arrone range makes it easier for specifiers working on education projects to source compliant hardware for every part of a school building from just one supplier.” The AR961 range is made up of a stainless steel disabled indicator and a large turn on an 8mm rose. A key to operate the release is available separately. AR961/10-SSS lever handles provide products to BS EN1906 Grade 4, making it an ideal combination in a school environment, according to Hoppe UK’s representatives.

The grade 304 stainless steel lever handle has been included in a successful fire test on FD30S and FD60S fire doors. The AR961 range complies with BS8300 and Technical Part M, which requires commercial levers to have a minimum of 19mm diameter with a return to door design.

This new range completes Arrone’s product offering for schools, which includes signage options that schools and other high-use environments that require additional privacy and durability may need, as well as hooks, door stops and finger plates. For more information about the AR961 range, visit