‘No ordinary handle,’ from Brisant

Brisant Secure is redefining security standards again with the launch of a groundbreaking Ultion security handle, available from October 2021. The handle is part of a new, three-star security solution.

The all-new Ultion 3* security solution features the two-star security handle with an Ultion one-star, to achieve ‘truly exceptional security and beautiful looks’. Marketed as the first of its kind, Ultion’s security handle has unique seamless curves, to prevent burglars using tools to get a grip on it and rip it from the door. The fully-reinforced Ultion handle can’t be crushed by mole grips either, the fixings thread neatly through hardened steel bosses to stop twisting. Inside the handle, a molybdenum cylinder shield – 25% denser than iron – protects against drilling and lock-snapping, the most common form of attack.

Uliton’s security handle not only looks great, but it’s designed to last, the business says. The handle’s stylish curves repel the elements, and, thanks to six coats of corrosion protection, it looks great after a year in the weather test chamber. Most handles just about manage 10 days. Perfectly suited with Ultion’s Sweet door furniture, homeowners can choose from a range of seven popular finishes to make an immediate and lasting impression: anthracite, white, gold, stainless steel, black, chrome and rose gold.

When combined with the Ultion Star lock, this two-star handle achieves the maximum three-star Kitemark security, a police-preferred specification, and is backed by Ultion’s £2,000 security guarantee. Nick Dutton, Brisant-Secure’s CEO, said: “Most people would be horrified at how flimsy most door handles are. With the right tools, they can be ripped off the door in a few seconds, leaving the cylinder exposed to break-ins. Until now, very few consider using a security handle because they are expensive, unsuited, bulky and weather badly, which is why few people use them.

“The launch of our new two-star security handle is a game-changer. There are no weak points – we’ve designed them out. And there are no compromises with looks or corrosion resistance either.

“For the first time, homeowners and installers don’t have to choose between security and looks. Now they can have an ultra-secure door handle that withstands violent attacks: click here to have a look at a master locksmith doing all he can to break in. After watching the locksmith wear himself out, look at the augmented reality visualisation. You can see the handle from all angles and in detail. This is no ordinary handle!”