Roto launches Fasteo

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Roto has introduced the new Fasteo door lock, part of the Roto Safe H range of lever-handle-operated locks, to the UK market.

According to Roto, the new Fasteo door lock helps maintain home security, save energy and preserve the physical integrity of the door.

All of this is achieved by means of a mechanism that locks the door on closure. An activator, located on the faceplate between the latch and deadbolt, integrates with the striker plate and activates the locking mechanism.

The activator is designed to work under a wide range of lateral and vertical tolerances. As long as the latch and deadbolt are engaging with the striker plate, the activator will function.

“There are great benefits to auto-mechanical locking in terms of comfort and security,” said Roto business development manager, Vesa Nenye. “Many burglars target the most easily accessible homes – ones where doors or windows have been left unlocked. The Fasteo lock means that the home remains secure even if family members are going in and out of the house during the day and not locking the door themselves.”

“To deadlock the door, for example overnight or when going out, you just need to make one turn of the cylinder,” he added.

The Fasteo lock is available in various security levels, from a version with four roller cams and another with four mushroom headed security cams, up to the enhanced security version with two claws and two mushroom cams. The latter is designed to meet all UK and European domestic security standards.

“The other downside of forgetting to lock the door is wasted energy,” Vesa continues. “When a door is closed on the latch only, the weather seal is not compressed all around the door, and so draughts can get in and heat can escape. Fasteo helps avoid this.

At the same time, making sure the door is always fully locked and compressed means the door leaf itself is kept in shape and therefore less likely to warp or deform over time”, he explained.

The new Fasteo lock is part of the Roto Safe H range of lever-handle-operated locks.

“Our designers have thought of everything”, says Vesa. “For example, if someone wanted to fit a separate window inside the door panel, the Fasteo lock has a facility that allows you temporarily set the handles in the vertical position, allowning the window inside the door panel to be opened without obstruction”.

Another innovation is an integrated shock absorber, designed to protect the activator and the lock centre mechanism from damage. It is another way in which Roto hardware can help prolong the life of a door.

The Fasteo lock is available in 35, 40 and 50mm backsets and is equally suitable for PVC, timber and composite door panels.

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