Deceuninck’s Slider24 claims an ‘industry first’ for security

Deceuninckís #BestInClass Slider24 patio doorDeceuninck’s Slider24 patio door has reportedly achieved an ‘industry first’ for security.

According to Deceuninck, Slider24 is the only sliding patio door on the market that meets PAS 24 requirements for two, three and four panes.

Slider24’s PAS 24 accreditation for enhanced security means that two, three and four pane configurations all are compliant with Document Q. Slider24 is said to be ‘outstanding across the board’, leading in weather performance and energy efficiency too. It achieves 450Pa in water permeability, 1,200Pa in wind rating, and an ‘A+’ Door Set Energy Rating (DSER).

Deceuninck’s managing director, Roy Frost, said: “Unsurprisingly, our fantastic new patio door has been an instant hit with customers because it blows competitors’ products out of the water.

“It’s easy to fabricate and install, and homeowners get the best security, weather and energy performance combined with stunning looks.”

Slider24 is available in Deceuninck’s wide colour-from-stock range on the same short lead times as casement windows. Installers can choose from 26 colourways, including matching trims and ancillaries, and install colour windows, doors and sliding patio doors at the same time.

“That’s another industry first,” added Roy. “Getting a patio door in any colour other than white, rosewood or golden oak normally means an eight week lead time because most syscos only stock a few colours. Deceuninck is different. We make it easy to sell colour so our fabricators and their installers can sell coloured sliding patio doors on the same fast delivery times as our windows.”

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