VBH’s Orion TS007 proves popular


The door industry and the Great British public at large have welcomed hardware manufacturer VBHs Orion TS007 three-star profile cylinder ‘with open arms’, according to leaders of VBH. Orion is the ‘top-level’ profile cylinder in the GreenteQ range, which also includes the entry-level, six-pin Gamma, and TS007 one-star Q- star models.

As a three-star-rated cylinder according to the TS007 Kitemark, Orion offers protection against drilling, picking, bumping and snapping, all without the need for additional hardware such as a security handle or cylinder guard, VBH’s representatives have said. Orion comes with five keys as standard, and is available in nickel, brass, key/key and thumb turn variants, all of which can be keyed alike for multi-door installations.

Each Orion cylinder is supplied with a full 10-year performance guarantee. However, it is perhaps the additional ProteQ10 anti-snap guarantee/Key Security Scheme that has grabbed the attention of fabricators, installers, locksmiths and the general public alike, VBH’s leaders have advised.

“Being involved in promoting Orion is a dream as it pretty much takes care of itself! The snap guarantee element is very simple,” said Hayley Martin, media coordinator at VBH. “We will pay the homeowner £2,000 if the Orion cylinder is snapped and a break in is successful as a result. We’ve had no claims yet.

“The Key Security aspect is really popular. When the homeowner registers their guarantee online, they are prompted to set up a password. Once the password is set, additional keys can only be cut when the password is given. This has proved a real hit.”

Door manufacturers and installers are not involved in any registrations, claims or additional key cutting. Orion’s five keys are supplied with a card that tells the homeowner how to register for their guarantees and key security scheme online. It takes just a few seconds and is very secure, with no eyes on the password, VBH’s representatives have advised. The site also has details on how to obtain additional keys.

“We’ve had well over 6,000 registrations from launch, ” Hayley added, “which represents a lot of customers with that secure feeling that GreenteQ Orion and proteQ10 bring!” The Orion cylinder range is a finalist in the Best Door Component category of the 2023 National Fenestration Awards. The winner is to be announced in October. VBH is a finalist in 12 categories, including Best Hardware Company for the fifth year in succession. To find out more about GreenteQ Orion three-star profile cylinders or any other hardware in the VBH range, contact VBH on 01634 263263, email at sales@vbhgb.com, or tweet @vbhgb.