Business Pilot launch heat map

Business Pilot has launched new map functionality, allowing system users to see which areas provide the best hunting ground for new business. The capability also allows users to pinpoint each sales appointment, survey, or installation against a geographical location, providing a quick, visual reference for who in their team is where, and doing what, helping businesses to allocate resources more effectively.

“We’ve taken information that already exists within the system and laid it over a series of maps. That makes that information far more accessible,” explained Ryan Schofield, Business Pilot’s director. “It’s an instant visual reference tool. If you want to know where your fitting teams are, or how close they are to one another, because you need to split the team to bring more support onto a job, you can see, at a glance, where everyone is. It’s the same for remedial work. You can see instantly who you can pull off a job, based on location.”

Each job is represented by a different coloured pin. These can be filtered to show only certain areas, or a single area, of activity, for example, surveys.

To get more information about each job, the user simply has to hover over the pin, to pull up job details including who is on site, the address, and who the customer is. For fitting, sales and installation teams, it also includes a time and distance-to-site reference, and confirmation status, allowing for planning visits more effectively.

The tool can be accessed through a new map view from Business Pilot’s drag-and-drop schedule board, with everything instantly updated as and when changes are made. The new map functionality also includes a new, zoomable heat map, which allows installers to identify geographical areas that deliver the best returns, highest values and conversion rates. Users can colour code hot spots and represent them by location.

Ryan explained: “The map shows you the geographical areas that deliver most sales and value to your business. This gives you the option of retargeting them, because they deliver more conversions or applying resource to target other areas, which may be under exploited.

“For companies with a proactive approach to lead generation, it’s a very effective way of seeing where your hit rates are highest.” The sales heat map sits as part of Business Pilot’s new ‘sales’ and ‘people and sales’ dashboards, launched as part of a major revision of its management information dashboard in May. The board allows installers to understand the cost of acquisition of each lead and to track how it progresses, including the performance of individual members of their sales team – and now geographical location – in an easy visual reference.

“Everything is linked,” added Ryan. “The maps, our new status progression tool, the management information dashboard – each element connects to the other and changes are automatically carried across, giving you an instant overview, in real time, of each element of your business, allowing you to plan more effectively in the short and long term.”

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