Software leader reports increased interest in ‘makeovers’


More and more homeowner customers are being swayed by seeing ‘makeovers’ – digital renders of new glazing products, like windows and doors, superimposed over an image of the real property – according to leaders of the software business, Tommy Trinder. Makeovers are fast becoming a staple part of the quoting process, they say, after having analysed quotes prepared by installers on Tommy Trinder’s Framepoint platform.

In the first three months of the year, nearly 11,000 makeovers were prepared for homeowners, Tommy Trinder’s representative reported. This compares to just over 9,000 in the same period last year. More than 60% of installer’ quotes are now accompanied by a visualisation, they added.

“When you consider the ease with which consumers are able to model other significant purchases like cars or kitchens, it feels inevitable that offering the client a visual of their new windows and doors in situ will become the norm,” said Chris Brunsdon, founder and CEO of Tommy Trinder. “Makeovers make sound business for installers too. Not only does it offer an impressive visual but being clear about what you are going to fit at the quoting stage reduces error and rules out misunderstanding from the get go.

“If a customer is considering a colour change, Framepoint subscribers will invariably provide a makeover,” Chris went on to explain. “Installers tell us that it helps the client get to a final decision quicker. With 80% of all replacements now foiled, this has become an essential sales tool.

“But it’s not just colour that customers find hard to envisage. Showing the difference that dummy vents or varying bar layouts will make to the look of the house are also popular reasons to include a makeover with a quote.

“And when it comes to showing off premium features such as flush sashes, deep bottom rails and timber-look cills, a quality visual will invariably help justify the uplift in cost.” Installers interested in finding out more about Tommy Trinder’s Framepoint platform can book a free demo at