“Help To Grow meets our needs”

Ben Dyer, CEO pf Powered Now

The UK chancellor’s announced scheme of Help To Grow meets the needs of businesses that are looking to hit the ground running this summer, as the economy embarks on its recovery post-Covid. Construction has typically been heralded as the last major bricks and mortar industry to be digitised, and within this sector, we ourselves have seen the vast benefits to productivity that has been brought about by digitisation.

All indications point to the fact that the trade sectors are going to experience a further boom period this summer, having already benefitted from other initiatives from the chancellor, such as the stamp duty holiday. For sole traders who are looking to maximise their workload after the lockdown restrictions are lifted, upgrading their technological capacity will be essential to ensure that they can centralise all their documentation, invoices and certificates, minimising the lost hours spent scrambling away to keep their books in order.

Ben Dyer
CEO of Powered Now