High value installations the ‘only glimmer of growth’?

Dear Sophie,

I’ve embraced with great interest the latest summary findings of the Palmer Report, which shows that high-end products and high value installations are the ‘only glimmer of growth’ in an otherwise flat market.

Some installation companies may disagree, others will concur, but the general consensus is that the loftier elements of the industry are thriving. It’s great news for the industry and this includes the composite door sector, which has seen strong growth and investment for a number of years now.

But a word of caution. The composite door market is quickly polarising between those cost effective and low price point GRP-based doors and the more feature rich, solid timber core based composite doors, such as our own Endurance Doors product, which is enjoying incredible levels of growth. We’ve even launched a premium Endurance PLUS range which harnesses a triple seal 75mm frame, boasts Secured by Design as standard and is we believe, the most secure and robust composite door in the sector.

Innovation must continue to permeate through all four corners of our industry, as we look to satisfy the need for more high-end products, which is ultimately driven by consumer demand. It’s a welcome change in market dynamics and one in which could shape the future direction for many savvy installation companies, looking to adopt high value sales, with premium composite doors now high on the agenda.

Yours sincerely,

Stephen Nadin

Managing Director

Endurance Doors