“Logikal is the logical choice for first-time aluminium fabricators”

Dean Hodges, managing director of BM Aluminium

For first-time users, LogiKal is just as cost effective as the rules-based packages, yet it has the benefit of futureproofing a businesses, so you’ll never need to switch to anything else. Users with one dataset can be up and running with LogiKal from as little as £205 per month, and they can swap from one dataset to another (usually at no extra cost) and add others to their package as they grow.

Contrary to the common misconception about Cad-based software, LogiKal can be just as easy to use as a rules-based option. It’s hugely capable and can be upscaled as much as customers want but for entry level users, we can simplify the processing by using style libraries. Our team can set up style, size and quantity drop downs in LogiKal so users can estimate and process standard windows, doors and bi-folds in just a few simple clicks. That means there’s only minimal training involved; and we have expert in-house support available on the phone or online to help guide them through.

What’s really important though is that our style libraries are based on the full aluminium datasets from all the major UK systems houses – all validated and signed off and complete with prices and with links to all the major CNC machining options as standard. The Cad platform they are based on guarantees full and accurate precision outputs every time, and there are even wind loading and U-Value calculations built in which ensure that users always select the correct sections for the project they are processing.

Third-party hardware options can be included as well, so that users don’t have to process using the generic hardware from the systems house. That means users can estimate using more accurate pricing data. Crucially, there is no standalone programming required so no risk of inconsistent outputs and no complications on formulas which can sometimes happen with what on the face of it look like ‘simpler’ alternatives.

First-time users might be daunted by LogiKal at the outset, but as soon as they start using the system they will see that it is much simpler to use than they expect and reassuringly capable and consistent. The feedback we invariably get from customers is that they like the fact that LogiKal can do as much – or as little – as they need it to do. As their business grows, the software can grow with them, and they aren’t limited with what they can fabricate in aluminium.

As soon as they want to move beyond standard window and door sizes and shapes, the Cad interface makes it easy to make even the most complex arches and shapes with ease. They draw the shape into the powerful but easy-to-learn Cad drawing system, and it directly generates the exact cutting details and outputs that to the CNC. It also calculates the glass sizes and material analysis for the glass order form using the real time dimensional calculations from the Cad.

Curtain walling and shopfront systems are standard in LogiKal as well. Users who want to move into that type of commercial work can extract cross sectional drawings direct from the Cad software and submit to the client for approval without having to do any additional drawing themselves. Our support and projects teams will help customers every step of the way – and the help and advice they provide is free.

Dean Hodges
Managing director, BM Aluminium