Emmegi launches new L3 Quadra

Emmegi has launched a new L3 20-axis version of its flagship Quadra machining centre which, like all the models in the range, can cut, drill and machine aluminium and light alloys all in one single operation.

It sits alongside the existing Emmegi Quadra L0, L1 and L2 models, which have already been installed at some of the UK and Ireland’s leading fabricators including Duggans, Everglade, Express Bi-Folds, Newbury, TWR and Unique Window Systems.

What distinguishes this new L3 model is a secondary module equipped with a dual drilling unit which can also mill, drill and tap at the ends of profile if required.

It also features a CNC operated 600mm vertical cutting module with downward movement on 3 axes and a range from -45° to +245°. This is in addition to a 350mm horizontal cutting module mounted on the same support beam as the drill, with a range from -45° to +45° which allows the L3 to cut large bars and execute special cuts.

The new L3 adds an automatic push feed and ejector system which works with different profiles of up to 7,500mm, automatically transferring each machined segment from the cutting unit to the unloading magazine and synchronising the pick-up of the next.

And, a brand new turntable and disengagement system on the machine also allows up to 6 air-cooled electrospindles to operate on 4 axes at the same time (X,Y,Z and A) which, claims Emmegi, increases its speed quite dramatically.

As with the rest of the models in the Quadra range, all cutting, milling and drilling on the L3 are located in the central, soundproofed enclosure which ensures that it is a safe and user-friendly option even for a relatively unskilled workforce.

Ian Latimer, Emmegi (UK)’s managing director, said: “All of the Quadra models are capable of outputting the profile for hundreds of windows a week.

“They have little or no profile related tooling and minimal changeover time which makes them increasingly popular with companies who fabricate in several different systems.”


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