A seamless evolution

IMG_0951The Promac Group has reported a high level of interest in the next generation of the Graf Synergy SL4FF at this year’s FIT Show. According to Promac, which first showcased the machine at The FIT Show in 2014, the SL4FF seamless welder delivered a watershed moment in PVC-U manufacture as it completely eliminated the need for a corner weld.

The SL4FF EVO is the next generation of the product, and is said to feature new flexibility to accommodate increased tolerances in profiles while delivering an ‘enhanced aesthetic’.

Joe Hague, managing director of The Promac Group, said: “This show continues to surprise me. You get a lot of footfall but also real quality in the leads it delivers.
We have had a lot of interest across our machinery range but the level of interest that we saw in the Graf Synergy SL4 FF really did impress me. There were a lot of different profile products coming online at this year’s show – the Synseal WarmCore and R7 and R8 – where this machinery is key and in the case of the R8, almost a prerequisite to commercial manufacture.”

The SL4FF seamless quad welder pre-cleans to exacting tolerances then zip welds the corner joint whilst controlling the flow of sprue, a process that is seen as a ‘revolution’ in the manufacture of foiled PVC-U products. The key differential in the SL4FF EVO is that profile is ‘held’ at the corner joint by a new single shim rather than two individual counter-shims, which means it can accommodate greater tolerances in profile, maintaining an ‘exacting finish’ regardless of any variances.
Joe added: “What we have seen this year at FIT is a return of confidence as well as the launch of a number of new high-end systems. Machinery manufacturers are delivering some very innovative equipment, which is driving change in manufacture of PVC-U, aluminium and glass. We’re already seeing the impact and it’s something that we expect to continue going forward.”