Carl F Groupco boosts stock levels by 25%

Carl F Groupco says it has boosted its stock levels by 25% to help protect hardware supply post Brexit.

The company has liaised with its major EU manufacturer partners including FUHR and Roto to ensure buffer stock to support sales. An additional 600,000 Euros of FUHR and Roto stock was delivered in December to avoid issues at the ports in January.

Carl F Groupco says that all hardware supply chains are under pressure globally, not just EU based manufacturers, due to a post lockdown boom, shipping challenges and delays at ports for products from the Far East.

Carl F Groupco’s managing director, John Crittenden, said: “Unfortunately, we are not immune to what you hear on the news, but supporting our customers’ production requirements through Brexit has 100% of our focus. We have all the necessary licences in place with our transport partners and HMRC to ensure we can clear customs without delay and our logistics providers are confident they are prepared.

“For UK supplied products including ASSA/Yale, MACO, Hoppe and Siegenia, we plan to add additional stock of high-volume products. If for any reason we do not have stock of requested hardware, we will look to offer a suitable alternative. “