Clear Windows and Conservatories joins the Steel Window Association


Clear Windows and Conservatories has joined the Steel Window Association (SWA), a move aimed at supporting the company’s diversification into the steel window and door market. Clear Windows and Conservatories is a London-based family business with more than 25 years’ experience in the window and door industry.

“We are delighted to have joined the SWA and are looking forward to offering new and replacement interior/exterior installations of System W20 traditional design steel windows and doors, partitions and room dividers/screens, including fire-rated applications,” said George Pietrzycki, company director of Clear Windows and Conservatories. “The support and community we will enjoy as part of a leading association will prove invaluable to our new plans.”

Since 1996, Clear Windows and Conservatories has manufactured PVC-U products. The business later expanded into producing timber and aluminium windows and doors. For further information about the SWA, including information about becoming an SWA member, visit

Last month, the ironmongery section of the SWA’s website was revamped to include more information and updated imagery. Steel Window Fittings is the association’s sole ironmongery company and is said to be a valued designer and manufacturer for SWA members.

“Steel is synonymous with quality and timeless luxury, so it’s important for ironmongery to not only demonstrate these features but also consider the operational requirements during development,” said Kris Bennell, president of the Steel Window Association. Read more on this story here.

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