‘Colour coating for any business’

ddpHaving reported rapid growth in its DoorColour offering, Decorative Door Products (DDP) by RegaLead says it can now provide ‘a colour coating supply solution to meet the needs of any business’.

Manufacturers of composite doors can present their customers with a full choice of colour options thanks to DoorColour, which is designed specifically for use on GRP, ABS and PVC surfaces. The system allows any colour to be produced in-house from RAL, Pantone, BS, NCS and as Farrow & Ball and Dulux at a competitive price. In addition, 22 pre-mixed shades are available, which were developed by the company following ‘extensive customer research’.

Joint managing director, Guy Hubble, said: “We have seen a huge demand from customers for colour options as they try to differentiate their composite door offering from the standard fayre of red, blue and green, which were developed by the major slab importers to give tenant choice in the social housing market. With colour still being one of the main drivers in the door sector, we have worked hard to develop a supply chain solution that suits every need.

“Companies who have the space and volume to justify the investment to spray in house can purchase the entire system, which encompasses everything they need to colour their own doors.

“For customers looking to offer DoorColour but without the investment of in-house spraying we now offer two solutions: Either buying the slab pre-painted from the supplier – and we are pleased to announce that DoorCo has joined as our first partner offering this service – or to get the complete doorset sprayed locally via the DoorColour Network.

“All the signs point to colour being here to stay in the window and door industry, so by providing a full range of solutions to meet every need, our customers can rest assured they will stay ahead of the game.”


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