Enduring service

Endurance Solid & Secure composite door manufacturer, Rocal, has put 22 years of business down to good customer service.

“Rocal’s long term success has been built upon a constant focus on customer service,” stated Ruth Kitching, the company’s office and customer service manager.

“Whatever business you are in, you will always come up against problems. What’s important is how they are dealt with. Our team at Rocal endeavour to resolve our customer issues as quickly and as effectively as possible with our customers’ interests put first.

“Customers are our lifeblood and we need to know that they are continually happy with the Rocal experience for business success.”

Rocal’s customer service provision has been boosted further with the recent recruitment of Suzanne Turner, who joins as Rocal’s customer service co-ordinator, having previously headed up the customer service department at a branch of Argos.

Ruth said:

“Suzanne has bolstered our clear focus on customer service and has brought great experience to the company, making a significant difference to the way we communicate and deal with our customer issues.

“Too many companies feel that the customer experience ends when the product is delivered, but with Rocal, this is not the case. Suzanne is helping to ensure that the customer experience is continuous. Our customers appreciate this, that’s why we have kept such a loyal base over the past 22 years.”

Rocal manufactures the Endurance Solid & Secure composite door through its network of installers throughout the UK.

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