Guardian article sparks campaign backed by bi-fold business

North EastA newly launched dedicated bi-fold business has backed a campaign to promote the North East as a successful manufacturing hub.

Businesses in the North East have been responding to an article, published in the Guardian, where feature writer, Andy Beckett, compared the North East to Detroit in America, which is well known for its declining manufacturing base.

TWR Bifolds, which launched in April as a dedicated resource for installers to find information about and buy aluminium Bifolds, is putting its weight behind the campaign that highlights the benefits of the North East as a place of manufacturing excellence.

TWR Bifolds, which is part of the TWR Group, is proud of its roots in the North East.

Terry Richardson, managing director at TWR Bifolds, commented: “We promote manufacturing excellence and are a well-established company in the North East, with a reputation for quality products and the very best levels of service, across the UK.

“The article made a number of incorrect assumptions and showed a complete lack of research and knowledge. This region has its issues like many others, but there are many manufacturing and business success stories here, such as us.”

Phil Wilson, who is MP for Sedgefield, recently pointed out that the North East is the only region in the country with a positive balance of trade in the export market, with the region exporting £14 billion worth of goods annually.

TWR Bifolds, which is calling on other North East glass and glazing firms to back the campaign, only launched recently but has made a strong start.

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