Holding back the flood

synsealWith large parts of the UK devastated by the recent floods, Limerick in the Republic of Ireland was amongst many places to be overwhelmed when the River Shannon burst its banks in the city, following high tides and driving rain.

However, whilst hundreds of families have had their homes ruined as the flood waters reached several feet deep in some streets, one resident found that the Legend PVC-U French doors that he bought from local Synseal fabricator and installer, Walsh Windows, did far more than keep out the rain and wind, as an extraordinary photograph proves.

The floods, the worst the country has ever seen, brought a torrent of water racing through the streets to reach the home of the Walsh customer which the Legend doors resisted, despite the murky water giving the doors the appearance of a fish tank rather than the main entrance to the house. A photograph of this was featured on Channel 4 comedy show, The Last Leg, where even the show’s presenters were ‘in awe’ of how the door held up, commenting that the only water coming in was through the keyhole.

Walsh Windows owner, John Walsh, commented: “The last thing the homeowner specified his door for was to hold back flood water but this is a fantastic, though perhaps unwanted, demonstration of just how well designed Synseal Legend doors are. Sadly other parts of the homeowners’ house did not prove as resilient and they also experienced flood damage; it will take some time for the area to get back to normal.”

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