Record-breaking start

leads 2 tradeLeads2Trade, the company behind the Compare Companies and Trusted Local Suppliers network of consumer facing sites, has reported a ‘record-breaking’ start to 2014.

Leads2Trade generates ‘double-qualified’ home improvement leads via its online network of Trusted Local Supplier sites – a portfolio of sites where homeowners register to find tradesman to carry out work such as conservatory, solar and double glazing installations.

On its first day back in 2014, the company claims to have sold 657 double qualified leads to its members, with the majority of leads being for PVC-U double glazing and conservatories.

Director Andy Royle commented: “We’ve never seen anything like this before. The nearest we came to such lead volumes was prior to the government cut to the FIT rate incentive for solar PV in 2012. During this period, there was a mad rush from consumers looking to get panels installed at the higher payback rate.

,“That was partly manufactured through government tinkering – this is different. Following five years of recession and shaky consumer confidence, the economy is nudging back to
,growth and 2014 looks to be a strong year.

,“Put simply, a higher number of consumers are looking to invest in their properties in 2014. Confidence is returning – previously a sneeze would have derailed the UK economy but it is more robust now and sentiments are shifting. Our online quotes comparison service for homeowners is a good barometer to assess this.”

Andy says he expects lead volumes to be up on last year and continue at a high level.

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