Silka exceeds sign up targets for SILKAselect trade partnership

The Silka team has welcomed more than 30 businesses to the brand’s trade partnership scheme, which is called SILKAselect, after launching the scheme at two events last month. The launch events were held at the Silverstone circuit (see our report on that, here) and Manchester’s Concorde Conference Centre.

Installers from across the UK attended the SILKAselect launch events, where they were a given a presentation on how an exclusive collaboration with the aluminium window and door brand can futureproof their business and offer standout support. Gathering trackside at Silverstone and beneath the wings of Concorde, guests browsed the Silka range, listened to information and insight from Silka’s core team and were encouraged to offer feedback and opinions, which is a fundamental part of the SILKAselect concept.

Mike Adderly from the Window Centre, Solihull said: “I’m incredibly impressed. Our clients are coming to us with a wish list that, at the moment, we are struggling to supply. I’ve realised how important it is to take a range of products back to our showroom that will help us obtain lower U-values for clients.”

As well as enjoying a day of conversation with industry professionals, companies were asked to pledge their commitment as a SILKAselect trade partner by holding up a card declaring “We’re In!”, at any point during the day’s proceedings. The team was pleasantly surprised by the level of support it received.

“We were blown away by the sea of ‘We’re Ins’ we’ve seen in response to the SILKAselect trade partnership,” said Asa McGillian, CEO of Silka. “It’s been great talking to such respected installers and to see them so engaged in what we are offering, which we truly believe is unique. Our target of 30 partners has been surpassed, which means we now have an inspiring, active community joining us on the journey to deliver future homes, today.”

SILKAselect partners can access free, targeted sales leads, exclusive products and protected exclusivity within their showroom area. There is also an online Partner Portal featuring regularly updated marketing assets, news and offers. The Silka range includes super-insulated aluminium windows, doors and rooflights. To find out more about the SILKAselect trade partnership, visit this link.

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