Solidor opens new manufacturing facility

Solidor has opened a new 136,000ft² factory and distribution site in Stoke-on-Trent. The facility combines five Solidor production and storage sites into one manufacturing hub. It uses advanced manufacturing automation to improve production and efficiency, product quality and the work experience for employees, according to the manufacturer.

The company has optimised its new factory’s interior layout to improve material flow and to reduce the need for forklift trucks. This aims to enhance safety and reduce emissions. Reduced CO2 emissions is just one of the ways in which the factory design has focused on sustainability; it has also achieved a Planet Mark accreditation. (Planet Mark is a sustainability certification which requires the measurement and reduction of whole-life carbon emissions, engagement of the supply chain and the inclusion of the local community.)

The development was constructed using responsibly sourced or recycled content materials, including rainwater harvesting, natural lighting and a building management system to ensure that energy use is fully optimised. In addition, it yields a 17% reduction in embodied carbon compared to a notional baseline.

Solidor is part of Masonite International Corporation, a global distributor of interior and exterior doors. Vicky Philemon, Masonite Europe’s senior vice president and general manager , said: “We are excited about the enhancements the new site will bring for our employees, communities, partners and customers in addition to supporting our future growth plans.”