BBA appoints new sales and marketing director

The British Board of Agrément (BBA) has appointed Emma Wiles as its new sales and marketing director. Emma brings with her experience across a range of sectors including retail, hospitality, membership organisations and most recently, the rail industry.

In previous roles Emma, a graduate of the Universidad de Granada and L’Universite D’Angers, has worked on major rebranding projects and built trust in companies, developing strong, commercially minded teams skilled to deliver business growth. Emma succeeds Peter Webbon, who now heads up a new product innovation unit for the BBA.

“I can see so much potential for the organisation and it’s something I wanted to be part of,” Emma said. “The BBA has a lot of great skills amongst its teams and plays an important role in the sector. My main aim is to help it realise its potential and be part of the team that makes it happen.”

Hardy Giesler, CEO at the BBA, added: “[Emma’s] continuous strive for improvement and passion for marketing aligns with the BBA’s ambition to be a client-centric business and grow existing markets as well as identify new areas. She joins the BBA at a very exciting time as we build upon the initiatives implemented over the past two years.”