Survey reveals burnout risk among UK window fabricators

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Just under a third (30%) of UK window fabricators take less than a week of annual leave off work; 10% regularly work more than five days a week, and the same proportion can’t afford to take any time off, according to the findings of a survey commissioned by ElectricalDirect. The survey aimed to reveal how many tradespeople are at risk of burnout.

In general, UK window fabricators are working longer hours and extra shifts because of the cost of living crisis, ElectricalDirect’s representatives have concluded. In response, leaders of the electrical products retailer have partnered with Liz Sebag-Montefiore, director and co-founder of HR consultancy 10Eighty, to offer advice on how to deal with burnout. The advice is published online, here.

Across all trades, 23% of the people surveyed by ElectricalDirect indicated that they can’t afford to take any time off. Less than half (43%) noted that they regularly work more than eight-hour days. Nearly a fifth (18%) of the people surveyed indicated that they work more than five days a week, and 26% noted that they work while feeling unwell.

“With the country still fighting the cost of living crisis, it’s completely understandable that many tradespeople feel the need to put in extra hours to increase their level of income,” said Dominick Sandford, managing director at ElectricalDirect. “However, overworking can have serious consequences, physically, mentally and professionally. That’s why we’ve partnered with Liz to share some expert advice. Hopefully her tips can help tradespeople deal with the recent increase in workload, so that they can avoid or manage any burnout.”

The survey found that tradespeople take just 11 days off a year on average, but 32% take less than a week of holiday every 12 months. The vast majority (92%) of tradespeople take less than 28 days off a year (the statutory annual leave requirement), according to ElectricalDirect’s survey.

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