Swisspacer takes part in open days

swisspacerSwisspacer has taken part in two open days at CWG Choices.

,Installers attending the event, which showcased CWG’s range of products with Swisspacer inside, were able to try Swisspacer’s energy-calculating Caluwin app, which lets users calculate how much energy and money they will save with new windows.

,Managing director of CWG Choices, Jason Wilder, said: “The open day was really successful. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet customers and talk about what products are available to them. Swisspacer is the best warm edge spacer bar in the UK and we’re happy to tell customers about it.”

,Vic De Costa, Swisspacer’s marketing and sales manager who attended both days, added: “It was brilliant being able to take part in the open day. Jason Wilder and the team at CWG Choices organised a very professional event.

,“I’ve been on hand to talk to customers and provide more information about Swisspacer and its benefits and demonstrate our Caluwin energy-calculating app. Feedback on the app was fantastic and the installers I spoke to are now planning to use Caluwin on sales pitches.”

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