Triple Glazing Question set to return

triple glazing question

Leaders of Edgetech have announced that they will host a second ‘Triple Glazing Question’ conference, a decade on from the original event in 2014. The anniversary event is scheduled to take place on Wednesday 27 March 2024.

The warm-edge experts at Edgetech, which is Quanex company, intend to unite hundreds of leading figures from across UK glass and glazing industry at Coventry’s CBS Arena for a day of discussion and debate. Attendees are set to assess whether triple glazing is destined to become the new normal within British fenestration sector.

At the last Triple Glazing Question event, which was on 10 April 2014, the sector’s senior figures gathered at the same venue in Conventry, which was then known as the Ricoh Arena. At that time, the consensus was clear that the industry wasn’t ready for a large-scale shift to triple glazing.

Now, the landscape has shifted dramatically. Soaring energy prices and Britain’s net zero commitment have seen triple glazing put back in the spotlight. With the government’s Future Homes Standard fast approaching, some within industry leaders believe that an industry-wide transition is now inevitable.

“Ten years ago, Edgetech held a landmark event that sought to clarify the future of the glass and glazing industry,” said Chris Alderson, Edgetech’s managing director. “Triple glazing had existed for decades but it remained a niche product.

“At the first Triple Glazing Question, Edgetech asked whether that was liable to change. As anyone who attended that day will remember, the answer was a resounding ‘no’.

“Now, we feel enough has changed to warrant asking that question again. In March 2024, we’ll be inviting fabricators, installers, IGU manufacturers, component suppliers and others to join us in Coventry to share their views on one of the biggest topics facing our industry. We’d be delighted if you would join us to help shape the future of British fenestration.”

For more information about Edgetech, call 02476 639 931 or visit the business’ website. Our coverage from the 2014 event is collated here.

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