A highly trained and focused team’

In its 35th anniversary year, Everglade has added 10 new team members to increase ‘capacity and flexibility’ for manufacturing both PVC-U and aluminium windows and doors.

New members of Everglade’s fabrication team started several months in advance to ensure they were fully trained before the company’s second factory opened in January.
“We’ve learned over the years that investing in training makes all the difference. It gives us a greater depth of knowledge and creates outstanding levels of dependability,” said Everglade’s operations director, Yogesh Gopal.

“Having a greater product range means customers expect the same level of service whatever they order. We believe this is the most flexible and responsive window and door manufacturing facility in the UK. The second factory is kitted out with advanced machinery and software systems to make sure its running at maximum efficiency. Both sites have the capability to manufacture all products in the range. Aluminium fabrication requires more hand finishing, so having a highly trained and focused team is vital for high levels of reliability.”

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