Leadership success

(From left to right:) Kevin Wheatman, Sarah Van Der Eykyn, Sarah West, Bob Halls, Lee Gray, Aide Page, Steve Pullen and Mark Atkinson

Five staff of Hurst Doors have achieved Highfield Level 2 certificates in team leadership: Sarah West, Steve Pullen, Bob Halls, Aide Page and Lee Gray. The qualification included learning motivation techniques designed to get the best from people, and methods for resolving disputes, to give learners the confidence to tackle difficult issues and the tools to develop as a leader.

Training for the qualification was carried out by Sarah Van Der Eykyn, managing director at Ideal Training Solutions and Leadership. Mark Atkinson, Hurst’s sales director, said: “The team put in a great effort. Several of them are now progressing onto the diploma level. All are being encouraged to implement what they’ve learnt at work.

“Sarah was extremely supportive and adapted the training for those that didn’t work on PCs, using workbooks and running question and answer sessions where needed instead. We’d like to thank her for all her help.”

The company’s investment in upskilling its employees does not stop there. Several members of Hurst’s customer services team are working towards Highfield’s Level 2 diplomas in customer service.

Kevin Wheatman, Hurst’s director/general manager said: “Our people are central to our business, and we have invested in the training and development of our team to help them reach their full potential and support further growth of the business. It is important staff feel valued and training supports them to become more efficient and effective in their roles, which in turn helps to increase customer satisfaction.

“In our commitment to our customers, our strategy for continuously improving our business has always been to invest, to ensure we deliver quality products and exceptional customer support.” With some exciting developments expected over the coming months, including the launch of its new fds FD30 fire door system and the introduction of new products in both its PVC panels and composite door ranges, Hurst and its team looks set for the future.

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