An engaging experience

Quickslide, has announced a new website. Launched in May, the new site includes an improved layout and design features supported by simple navigation, which the company says is essential for creating an engaging customer experience.

Quickslide’s marketing manager, Sandra Berg, said: “In 2015, across the internet, mobile web traffic surpassed that of desktop for the first time. The original site wasn’t as effective as it could have been for this still-growing trend. Using analytic measurements, we focused in on how users move around our pages, including which devices they use, and enhanced the new version accordingly.

“We’ve also invested heavily in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), or how people find us. The website is part of our strategy to see our rankings increase further and appear higher in searches. To do this we’ve logged more relevant keywords, some of which incorporate product names, seasonality and regions to ensure the right user visits our site at the right time.”

The new site also features an ‘online chat’ function which allows visitors to make enquiries and gather product information ‘in a matter of minutes’. Sandra said: “We’ve created a separate log in area for current trade partners so that they have everything in one place such as brochures, technical guides, videos and the marketing support portal. New trade partners will be able to request to join our network of suppliers so that they can access this wealth of benefits.”