Distinction’s glass offering a ‘major asset’

According to Distinction, its in-house glass facility is proving to be one of its greatest assets.

Distinction’s decorative glass selection enables the customisation of over 350 door styles, some of which can be visualised by customers before purchase using the company’s online door-designer software.

According to sales manager, Andy Grogan, one of the most distinguishing features of the glass range is that the glass is both laminated and triple glazed: “In particular, our decorative panel is encapsulated between two panes of glass as opposed to appearing on the outside of the pane. This makes it easy to maintain both functionally and technically, less prone to damage and much simpler to clean.”

Distinction adds that its glass offering is just one part of a finely tuned production process, one that includes effective labelling to ensure it maintains its OTIF levels.

Sales and marketing director, Chantel Roach, said: “Our products always arrive clearly labelled with each item displaying customer information, an order number and a clear description of what’s inside. Individually wrapped in cardboard and acetate wrap, they have the greatest protection to ensure we can maintain a supply to our customers that is on time and not delayed due to breakages.

“We also hold our full glass range in stock at all times, ensuring we are always able to supply the steadily growing demand for Distinction glass.”