Full colour communication

Macrowill is inviting aluminium and PVC extrusion manufacturers to taking advantage of an opportunity to communicate their brand through supply chain channels.

“Our solution enables full colour communication of the brand, be it the corporate logo or supported with a message. But it goes so much further,” explained Macrowill UK sales and marketing manager, Philip May.

“It means that, at a glance, manufacturers and processors can appreciate product in progress through their system. It further supports systems suppliers in the integrity of their supply chain.”

Macrowill’s service involves the capability to print up to six colours across its full range of PE removable protection films.

Brand imagery, with additional messages, can be replicated onto the film, whilst providing protection during processing, transportation to final destination.

Full colour printing can be applied to Macrowill peelable protective film for plastic, metal, board, fabric, electronic and electrical surfaces.

Michael Wei, Macrowill managing director, added: “To our knowledge, we are the only quality film manufacturer supplying the UK that can offer the breadth of colour. What’s more we can do so at what we believe is an unbeatable price! And if you need further persuasion, all our PE film, inks and adhesives are environmentally-friendly.”