New website for Emplas

Emplas has launched a new website, which as well as showcasing its trade product offer, also provides a showcase for digital retail tools and support available to Emplas’ trade customers.

The new site has been developed as part of the fabricator’s commitment to simplify doing business with it – but also to offer its customers increased lead generation support.

To this end, it includes access to EVA the Emplas portal and 24/7 digital ordering platform but also its newly created authorised installer network.

With dedicated homeowner landing pages, it’s been developed to connect network members with homeowners who are looking to appoint a supplier, adapting messaging to homeowners visiting the site as soon as they click on the homeowner tab as part of a new segmentation strategy.

Emplas has also made dynamic content created for its own website, including 3D interactive product showcases, available to its customers, accelerating and reducing the cost of the development of their own websites.

“We wanted to develop an externally facing platform that reflected the investment that we’ve made in manufacturing innovation and our infrastructure internally,” John Leary, sales and marketing director, explained.

“I believe we now have that in a very easy-to-navigate new platform, which also allows us to generate leads for our trade customers, including members of the new Emplas Authorised Installer Network.

“We’re also making all of the plug-in-and-play functionality developed for our site, including dynamic 3D window and door roll-over tools, available, to our customers. In turn this allows homeowners to develop the design of their windows, including glass and colour options, in real time.

“It’s about making it easier to do business with us but also to fast-track the development of our customers own websites and online presence by making new retail tools available to them.”

The new site also gives installers access to the Emplas product specification and customer support guide, which was unveiled earlier this month.

This brings each and every aspect of Emplas’ offer into a single tool, in addition to providing an overview of regulations and specifications from WERs to CE Marking.

“We’re reviewing and investing in our customer partnerships, to identify areas where there is an opportunity to add value to what we do, whether that’s in how we process orders or manufacture products. It also includes how we support our customers through lead generation,” John said.

“We’re fully committed to constantly reviewing and improving upon everything that we’re doing, making sure that we and our customers can move forward into the future with the right products and the right tools to market them,” he concluded.