Ultraframe launches Cuckoo

Ultraframe has announced the launch of its latest service innovation – an online marketing support centre, named Cuckoo. According to Ultraframe, the system allows customers to quickly, easily and cheaply, create a wide range of personalised marketing collateral – including the capability to send bulk emails – all at the click of a button.

Andrew Parmenter, head of marketing at Ultraframe, explained the thinking behind the name of the new system and how he believes it will prove to be transformational for Ultraframe’s customers. He said: “Successful marketing is often based on the principle of ensuring that your target audience repeatedly hears a consistent message to build your brand and deliver results – similar to the repeated call of the Cuckoo – hence the name. We’ve developed our new system to help our customers do just that in a quick, easy and cost-effective way. Using Cuckoo, Ultraframe customers can create everything from personalised e-shots through to comprehensive joined-up marketing campaigns that deliver true results.”

The Cuckoo system is made up of a large number of templates for a varied range of marketing materials. After uploading their logo and contact details, Ultraframe customers simply select a template and the system will personalise it for them.

This can be taken a step further with retail brochures when users also have the option to change the colourway of the brochure to match their company branding, as well as adding additional pages to promote windows and doors and case studies. Once the bespoke brochure design is complete, users have the option to order printed copies at a cost-effective rate or save a pdf, completely free of charge, for use on their website or sending out with quotes.

Andrew said: “Our customers are busy people and anything we can do to save them time is a huge bonus. By using Cuckoo to create and order their marketing materials, not only will they save a huge amount of time, but money too, as it eliminates the need for costly marketing agencies. One of the stand-out features of the system is the bulk email function. Our customers can create targeted emails using our pre-designed templates, create their own in Cuckoo or upload their own existing template, and then bulk send them to a target list – only paying for what they send. We’ve even included a reporting system so our customers can track open rates and more and have taken care of GDPR compliance.”

Other items within the Cuckoo system include ‘ready-to-go’ campaigns which provide showroom wall graphics, pull up banners, large posters, advertorials that can be used in local press, leaflets, advert templates, web banners, Facebook header images, and email templates for a chosen product or home improvement subject. Ultraframe customers can also order conservatory and extension samples, access an extensive database of professional imagery and order standard brochures too.

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