Rehau launches new Rio French door

The specialist polymer manufacturer Rehau has added to its Rio collection by introducing its Rio flush fit French door. The new door uses Rehau’s deep bottom rail, which was developed to complement the original window system. Consequently, installers and fabricators do not need a new door sash, further streamlining fitting.

“Our Rio range boasts Total70 compatibility, allowing for a seamless and simple installation,” said Clare Higgins, Rehau’s senior product manager. “Alongside this benefit for fitters, we feel this next addition to the range, an open-outward French door providing views out to gardens, is an important expansion to this product family. Yet, alongside appealing as an independent option, it will be of interest to homeowners looking for a consistent look across their house, from windows to doors.

“The slimmer sightlines enabled by its flush fit design, combined with Rehau’s discreet butt hinge hardware, means that the Rio French door will continue the range’s reputation for visually pleasing frames. Additionally, the fact that the door is compatible with our range of foils, from Simply White to traditional, wood-equivalent Turner Oak and the contemporary look offered by Anthracite Grey, demonstrates its applicability across multiple home types. That fabricators in the north west of England and south Wales have already started manufacturing the frame so soon after its launch further underlines its adaptability.”

The new door has been certified to the PAS24 security standard, having been tested at its maximum size – 1900mm x 2250mm. These credentials require the product to meet requirements set out by Secured by Design, ensuring a further level of security that aims to further boost the door’s appeal to homeowners.

“The new Rio flush fit French door has been designed to allow installers and fabricators the opportunity to expand the appeal of the popular window system with door options,” Clare added. “Yet, as well as this distinct, appealing and bespoke look, the door also provides the durability, energy efficiency and security benefits associated with the window frame. Fenestration professionals can therefore offer this French door solution with peace of mind that it is not only easy to fit and aesthetically pleasing, but also provides leading performance levels too.”